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we at agtc strive to

Prevent injury and ill health to the company’s employees and contractor’ s employee’s by providing a safe and healthy work environment and by minimising risks associated with occupational hazards

Promote a positive HSE culture within our organisation through effective communication, participation and consultation with employees. in the workplace

Conserve natural resources, through adopting environmentally friendly and energy efficient technology and process improvements. The Company is committed to managing waste of our operations and we adopt the principles of waste avoidance, reuse, recycling and beneficial utilisation to minimise discharge and disposal to the environment.

health & safety

we are 100% committed to health and safety keeping our team and communities safe

The safety and health of our employees and the wellbeing of our environment is crucial within our defined framework.

AGTC is committed to the enforcement of a strict Health and Safety Program that is geared toward helping protect its Employees, Subcontractors, Customers and the General Public from accidental and/or incidental losses.

We believe that all accidents are preventable through good health and safety practices in combination with active senior management and employee involvement. To make certain that our safety procedures are followed and regularly reviewed, an AGTC HSE manual and an employee safety handbook, in accordance with OSHA standard, is provided to our Employees.


Our Responsibility towards our shared Environment

We have a commitment to the community and the environment, where we carry out our production or construction activities. We take care of natural resources and protect native ecosystems.

We are committed to:

  • Complying with applicable laws and company policies and procedures
  • Reporting our HSE performance
  • Learning from internal and external HSE events

Everyone who works for AGTC has a part to play in meeting our HSE commitment. We act to minimize and mitigate potential impacts on the environment.


ensuring leadership and consistent growth in services provided to Clients by implementation of an effective Quality System

At AGTC, we commitment to customer satisfaction not only means working to established methods and procedures, but also involves close monitoring to ensure that these methods and procedures are consistently producing quality products and quality work.

To carry out this monitoring we have invested considerable, time, training and resources into developing our Quality Control. AGTC's interests are diverse and our quality standards are rightly keeping pace across spheres. The demand of the energy sector and construction sector are rigorous and we dutifully adhere with a comprehensive documented quality system.

We behave responsibly towards our shared environment. Nothing is more important to us than the health, safety and security of our workforce, customer and the communities in which we operate.

Download our QHSE Policy here

Our policy is focused on providing quality and valued products and services to our customers. Customer relationships are the lifeline our business.

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